Sep 15

Black Olive Charcoal Kamado Grill – On Cart

Black Olive Charcoal Kamado Grill – On Cart

Using the tried and true charcoal grilling method, this grill combines an auto-start ignition, ceramic shell and kamado design to help you create the perfect meal that will have your family and friends wanting more. The porcelain ceramic shell of the grill makes for the perfect insulator that will retain and maintain consistent heat and moisture. The enameled cast iron grill grate evenly distributes heat without hot or cold spots and can easily be raised between two positions with in the shell. Drop the grate lower to add room for larger foods or a second grill grate that adds food capacity. Using an air control damper and switch, your grill will automatically ignite in 3 minutes and race toward temperatures that start at 150 degrees and excess 650 degrees Fahrenheit. The grill temperature can be maintained by using the built-in temperature gauge on the grill lid. An adjustable smoker cap allows for better heat control while keeping debris out of your grilling area. Under the ignition control panel sits the removable ash pan that makes cleaning your grill quick and easy. On each side of the grill are two enamel coated side shelves that provide extra work space while grilling. A triple spring hinge and bamboo handle make lifting your grill lid easy. The heavy duty triple spring hinge provides support and stability when lifting while the bamboo handle stays cool to the touch. The bottom of the unit features two wheels that make moving and maneuvering your grill easy. Requires 120V of power for auto-start ignition.
List Price: 1599.0
Price: 1494.00

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