Sep 12

Fornetto Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven On Cart – Red

Fornetto Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven On Cart – Red

Let the beauty and functionality of this outdoor pizza oven be the centerpiece for your next outdoor cooking event. Dual oven chambers work together to bake or smoke your food using convection cooking. The bottom oven chamber holds your fire while the top chamber is where your foods cook. To bake or smoke, simply pull out the rack and ash tray from the bottom fire chamber and light your fire using wood or charcoal. Once your fire is lit and your oven is preheated, you are ready to cook. Food can be easily placed on either of the 12 1/2 X 15 3/4 inch, stainless steel, sliding racks or pizza stone inside of the top cooking chamber. The bottom of the cooking chamber is lined with ceramic bricks for maximum heat retention. Smoker adjustment knobs and a chimney control knob allow all vents to open in the oven, giving you precise control when you decide to smoke your favorite foods. This pizza oven features a powder coated 304 stainless steel exterior and an insulated stainless steel interior. The solid cast iron doors are finished with an elegant red, porcelain gloss enamel. On the door to the top chamber is a large tempered glass window and thermometer that allows you to monitor your food as it cooks to perfection. The door of the bottom chamber holds a removable smoker box that allows you to add extra flavor with smoker chips or liquids when in smoke mode. This oven sits on top of a steel cart that features two wheels and handles to give the oven easy mobility. An included wire spice rack, tool hooks, wood basket and foldable side shelf are included on the cart to give you plenty of storage space. From baking authentic pizzas and roasts to smoking your favorite meats, the Fornetto pizza oven has got you covered!
List Price: 2099.0
Price: 1749.00

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