Louisiana Grills Country Smoker CS-450 Pellet Grill On Cart

Louisiana Grills Country Smoker CS-450 Pellet Grill On Cart

Louisiana Grills has the solution to all your grilling needs. This Country Smoker pellet grill not only grills, but also slow roasts, smokes and bakes. It features 14 gauge powder coated steel construction and an arched flavor guard to reduce flare-ups and allow more juices to evaporate back into the meat as flavor. The reinforced lid with the chimney-less design means more smoke comes in contact with your food, providing a better flavor. The 497 square inches of porcelain coated grilling surface provide enough room to cook for a family of four. The large, stainless steel burn grate along with the flame broiler in the open position allows you to reach temperatures up to 1000 degrees for grilling. The airflow created within the Country Smoker line of grills allows for convection cooking, meaning the temperature at the top of the grill is close to the same temperature as the grilling surface. The auto-start electric igniter and feed system lets you set your temperature, push start, sit back and relax. The natural wood pellets feed into the burn pot where they are automatically ignited and the fan-cooled hopper and feed system keeps your grill at the temperature of your choosing. The Digi-Que control board lets you set your desired temperature and automatically maintains it during the grilling process. With the optional food probe, you can set you desired food temperature and the grill will automatically go into smoke mode when that temperature is reached, preventing over cooking. The lid thermometer enables you to monitor the temperature inside the grill and the grease bucket catches run off grease from the flavor guard. The 12 pound capacity hopper holds enough pellets for up to 8 hours of cooking. The auger and burn pot system on this grill uses 1 1/2 pounds of pellets per hour on low (180 degrees) and up to 7 pounds per hour on the highest setting (600 degrees). The CS-450 cart has a solid bottom shelf for storage and also features two leveling legs for stability and two wheels for easy movement.
List Price: 1230.49
Price: 1009.00

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