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Black Olive Pellet Kamado Grill – On Cart

Black Olive Pellet Kamado Grill – On Cart


Impress your friends and family with the first ever kamado style pellet grill. The patented design of the porcelain enameled, ceramic shell allows this grill to retain heat at temperatures that range from 150 to an excess of 650 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for smoking and searing your favorite foods.

The cast iron grill grate provides 290 square inches of cooking area and evenly distributes heat, eliminating hot and cold spots for perfectly cooked food. Underneath the grill grate, the pellet engine creates 50,000 BTUs of heat with a constant flame.

The exterior of the grill features a steel smoker cap that protects the grill area from the elements and debris. This smoker cap also allows for better heat control with no adjusting. Each side of this grill has an enamel coated, steel shelf to provide extra work space while cooking. The left shelf includes three stainless steel pegs for utensil storage while the right shelf has an 11-pound pellet hopper and control panel seamlessly built in. The simplified controls help you to maintain accuracy for consistent grilling.

Black Olive Pellet Kamado Grill – On Cart

To ignite the grill, simply flick the switch to smoke or grill mode and turn the knob to the start setting. Ignition time only takes 2 minutes. Heat and temperature can then be adjusted and controlled using the built-in temperature gauge and control knob with low, medium and high settings. When set in smoke mode, the grill will consistently push 2,000 BTUs for up to 40 hours on a full hopper.

A triple spring hinge and bamboo handle make lifting your grill lid easy. The heavy duty triple spring hinge provides support and stability when lifting while the bamboo handle stays cool to the touch. The bottom of the unit features two wheels that make moving and maneuvering your grill easy. Requires 115V of power for auto-start ignition.
List Price: 1899.0
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Combines the heat retention of a kamado with the precise temperature of a pellet grill

  • Smoke and grill settings offer large variety of cooking options
  • 11-pound pellet hopper provides up to 40 hours of smoke time without refilling
  • Two enamel coated steel shelves for additional workspace while grilling
  • Includes grill cover and grill gripper tool

Viking Outdoor 30-Inch Gravity Feed Charcoal Smoker

Viking Outdoor 30-Inch Gravity Feed Charcoal Smoker

The Viking 30 Inch Outdoor Gravity Smoker features a large 6.7 cu ft capacity with three removable, heavy-duty cooking racks, a centrally located thermometer with readings from 50 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and damper to maintain airflow and regulate temperature.

The removable ash pan/wood box inside the firebox allows easy wood chunk loading and ash removal. The unique, fully insulated, design of this Viking smoker provides maximum heat retention for optimal cooking.

Heat reflects off the interior in a convection fashion, cooking foods from all angles while locking in flavor and juices. This fully insulated Viking Outdoor Gravity Smoker can be used with natural lump charcoal or regular briquette charcoal and is constructed with heavy-duty, durable locks, latches and hinges for commercial quality and performance. Overall dimensions (in inches): 30 W x 26 1/2 D x 46 H. Interior dimensions (in inches): 21 W x 21 3/4 D x 25 H.
List Price:
Price: 2799.00

Viking Outdoor 30-Inch Gravity Feed Charcoal Smoker

Proudly Made in the USAshop

  • Extremely versatile cooking – from briskets and turkeys to pizzas and desserts
  • Spacious 6.7 cu ft capacity
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleanup